What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

ABA is a science that focuses on understanding individual behavior and the biological,  environmental, pharmacological, and circumstantial factors that influence behaviors.  Applied Behavior Analysts focus on  using the ABA principles and apply it to individuals’ natural environment and daily living.

Why choose ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis is one of the most widely accepted and researched therapy for children diagnosed with Autism. ABA therapy is also an effective treatment to target behavior goals for individuals diagnosed with other developmental delays and any individual who wishes to work on a particular behavior.

Who are we?

Symphony Behavioral Health is founded by clinicians who understand the importance of empathy and compassion to providing quality care. We chose the name Symphony because no symphony is created alone. It requires collaboration, a common goal, and synchronization among all the members. Most importantly, a symphony is meant to be shared with others. It is our belief that by providing a uniquely supportive and encouraging work environment to our employees, it will directly benefit the clients whom we are so blessed to be providing care to.


Our mission is to orchestrate successful outcomes using the principles of ABA therapy in order to help our clients and their family acquire skills that result in improved quality of life, increased independence, and nurture their ability to form meaningful relationships with each other and others in the community.


We envision a world where all individuals with varying needs have access to quality ABA services that  is meant to connect human beings, break down barriers, promote inclusivity and preserve dignity.


  • We practice compassion and respect

  • We are patient

  • We empower each other

  • We are ethical

  • We believe in teamwork and collaboration

  • We love science and data

  • We are always learning how to become even better at what we do

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