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Meet Our Leadership Team

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Dr. Pauline Tolentino Pablo, DBH, BCBA

Co-Founder & Executive Clinical Director


Benjamin Pablo, LVN, WCC

Co-Founder & Executive Director


Sara Hathaway, MA, BCBA

Clinical Supervisor


Kristin Vasoyan, MS, BCBA

Clinical Supervisor

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Jaleen Dunston, MS, BCBA

Clinical Supervisor

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Elisabet Archussachat, BA, RBT

Clinical Trainee

Senior Behavior Technician


Jesse Romero

Billing & Claims Manager

Administrative Assistant

Team Role Descriptions

Clinical Supervisors



Our Clinical Supervisors hold a Master's or Doctorate degree and are Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Clinical Supervisors work directly with families and oversee the assessment, treatment planning, implementation and progress of each child. Our Clinical Supervisors provide ongoing supervision for Clinical Program Managers and Behavior Therapists to ensure that your child is provided with the utmost quality of care. 

Clinical Program Managers

Group Discussion

Clinical Program Managers possess a BCaBA or a Master's degree in ABA or related field and has completed a required number of ABA supervision experience. Clinical Program Managers work closely with families in a collaborative manner to help them follow through with behavior treatment plans and meet their caregiver goals. Clinical Program Managers also provide ongoing training and support for Behavior Therapists to ensure that clients are meeting their goals. Clinical Program Managers work in a collaborative team with Clinical Supervisors.

Behavior Therapists

Child In Speech Therapy

Behavior Therapists are trained to implement therapy using the principles of ABA. They are Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) or are in the process of obtaining an RBT certificate. Behavior Therapists provide 1:1 therapy for your child while following the behavior treatment plans put in place by their supervisors. Our therapists are able to build rapport with your child and contrive opportunities for your child to access their learning environment both in table top and natural environment settings. Behavior therapists work in a collaborative team with their Clinical Program Managers and Clinical supervisors.

Office Administrators

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Our Office Administrators are a crucial part of your child's team. They provide various services that provide coordination of care such as, scheduling, health insurance follow ups, and making sure the clinical team have documentations and supplies needed for care. 

Your Child

Image by Michael Mims

As our most important team member, we make sure that we give priority to our client’s overall well-being. While we are here to help your child access his/her learning environment and support them with accessing meaningful relationships, we are also constantly listening to what your child is communicating to us. Whether they communicate vocally, through pictures, sign language or through maladaptive means, we will be receptive and will value what your child has to say.

Parents / Caregivers


Yes! You are part of our team too! From our experience, the most successful outcomes occur when parents/caregivers participate in their child's therapy. Parents/Caregivers work with the entire team in a collaborative manner. 


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Siblings are not only a crucial part of our team, but they are also anticipated to be the family member who will have the longest-lasting relationship with your child. Because of this, our clinical team implement creative ways to contrive opportunities for targeting social and play interactions between your child and their siblings.

(Sibling Workshops Coming Soon).

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Interdisciplinary Collaboration

We understand that your child may be receiving therapy from other disciplines. With your consent, we are more than happy to collaborate with your child's Primary Care Physician, IEP team, Occupational Therapist, Counselor, Speech Therapist, etc. as a means to follow through with your child's overall progress. We are also happy to provide your interdisciplinary team with strategies on decreasing behaviors that may be barriers to your child meeting his/her goals.  

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