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What My Experience Taught Me About Psychological Safety

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After I finished creating the graphics for this post, I decided to browse around Instagram. I was immediately triggered when I saw a suggested account of a former supervisor who had just started their own business. It was triggering because I did not feel safe, heard, or supported under this person's team. It wasn't ok for me to speak up or make errors. There was no room for me to grow and have a voice without fear of retaliation. The lack of safety trickled down from leadership to team members and it didn't just stop with this person. The culture I experienced was a culture that allowed criticism behind other's backs, competition instead of collaboration, complacence, and placed too much weight on where one is positioned on the hierarchy. Being part of that team was a traumatic and toxic experience, yet I am grateful for having gone through it. I learned exactly what NOT TO DO and who I didn't want to be.

Not many people in leadership positions understand the weight of their responsibility. We as leaders have the ability to shape, punish, reinforce and create relational frames that may impact their lives forever.

This is exactly why it's important to promote #PsychologicalSafety

If you ever share a space with me as part of your team, know that I've been on the receiving end of feeling unsafe. I would never treat my employees and colleagues in ways that make them feel unsafe. I am a #ServantLeader

Please scroll through the graphics to read a few tips on promoting psychological safety within your teams or use alt text for screen reader accessibility.

I hope this post serves as an encouragement to all of you to lead with strength and compassion.

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About Pauline Tolentino Pablo

Pauline is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst experienced in providing Applied Behavior Analysis  services to individuals on the autism spectrum and/or diagnosed with developmental delays. She  is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Behavioral Health program at Cummings Graduate Institute. 

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhuman."

- Martin Luther King

- Martin Luther King

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