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About Us

A symphony is not created alone. It requires collaboration between everyone involved. Our aim is to help orchestrate successful outcomes that foster your family and child's unique abilities, and support a healthy quality of life; Together, we create a symphony that is meant to be shared with others.


We understand that each person and circumstance is unique. We provide our clients with individualized programming that utilizes trauma informed, scientific, and evidence-based approaches  through the person-centered delivery of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Our Team

Founded by clinicians, we understand that empathy and compassion are important to providing quality care. Our qualified team members receive extensive training, ongoing support, and are passionate about serving our clients.

Contact us

We are currently accepting clients in San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita Valley

We at Symphony Behavioral Health are strong believers of integration between all your child’s healthcare, educational, and social needs. We take the necessary steps to collaborate with your child’s pediatrician, teachers, neurologists, and other therapists to ensure that your child is receiving the most effective, least intrusive, and evidence-based person-centered care.

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